Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dawn over Lone Pine Lake

The following quote is from the remarkable book "Into the Wilderness - An Artist's Journey" with photographs and paintings by Stephen Lyman and text by Mark Mardon.

"I am only a speck in this immensity, but connected as I am to everything in sight I am as tall as the mountains and as wide and deep as the canyons. I am here for only an hour, but while I am here time has no meaning and I am as ancient as the rock beneath me. On my own in these surroundings I am powerless, but with the mountains girding me I am as strong as Earth herself. My knowledge of the world is limited, but here I find wisdom - the possession of which is more valuable than all the facts stored in all the libraries and computer banks of the world. Here at last I unite in my mind all the disparate parts of my universe and understand how the pieces relate. I have absorbed the world and am now complete."

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