Sunday, June 28, 2009

Buckeye Camp via Soda Springs Trail

After our wild ride to nowhere, we retreat down Highway 1 to Buckeye Camp via Soda Springs Trail.

The trail is extremely steep, and the afternoon sun is hot as we switchback up the dry, chapparal covered slopes. Far below, the pale ribbon of Highway 1 loops endlessly south.

A hot wind rises upslope, the shrill rasping of cicadas sounds from the edge of the trail.

By the time B and I have gained the final ridge, I feel sick from the heat, blood pounding in my ears.

Then on through a small, shady copse of oaks, and down into the golden bowl that is Buckeye Camp.

The Buckeyes are in full bloom, the intoxicating scent reminiscent of gardenia or magnolia.

I feel like this sign looks - all done in.

But oh joy - the spring is still running and after splashing the icy water over us we are revived enough to enjoy our lunch.

Then back to the car and on to a much anticipated coffee at Rainbow Coffee in Cambria. But Rainbow Coffee has changed hands since our last visit, and the rather puffy looking man behind the counter has no coffee! He then bushes us off by saying it is too late in the day for coffee anyway. I supress the urge to reach across the counter and shake him, and settle for a syrupy chai.


  1. That Mariposa lilly is so beautiful! I bet they wouldn't grow in my garden.

  2. It was astonishing to see it there, fresh and cool in the blazing heat!

    They do seem to thrive on neglect - I've tried to grow them many times, but never any sucess.